Who are we?

Step by Step Listening provide a safe to speak space for individuals and groups to learn and discover what they need to work and learn at their best both independently and in groups. It is a space where you can express honestly and openly if something offends you and you can learn from the in the moment response.  This can present the individual with the opportunity to develop the confidence and set up to ask for their needs to be met.  

Our facilitator’s are all certified Clean Language facilitators who assist Sheryl with the core programmes and they run their own independent sessions that they have developed by blending the Step by Step Listening models with their own life experiences and tools.  Every facilitator has attended all the programmes and therefore they bring to the group their own experience of applying the learning in real- life contexts.

Sheryl Andrews

Sheryl Andrews

Power Group Facilitator
Sheryl founded Step by Step Listening in 2008 and has consistently worked in partnership with her clients to update and improve the programmes available.

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